2013 Meet Schedule


The following is our meet schedule for the summer. I will also post it in the news section on the website so you can look there for reference. We have chosen the meets that we think are best for the athletes. There are two meets listed on the schedule that we will need to know in advance if your child is participating. These meets are considered our travel meets.


The first travel meet we must have 10 athletes commit in order to attend. This meet is located in Louisville, Kentucky. 12 and under swimmers must have AA Time Standards and 13 and overs must have AAA Time Standard. This is the weekend of June 13-16.


The second travel meet is a meet that we attended last summer. This meet is called the Capitol City Classic located in Lincoln, NE. All athletes can attend. It is a prelim/final meet for 11 and up. It was a great experience last summer for the swimmers. We will need at least 25 athletes to attend this meet.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. All the events are online and ready for commitment. Thank you for your patience on the summer meet schedule.



2013 Summer Meet Schedule


3rd Annual Golden Goggle Awards – April 14


Spring Meeting - Lawrence, KS - April 20


Voorhees Maxfield - Topeka, KS - April 26-28


Early Bird - Lee's Summit, MO - May 17-19


Beach Bash - Topeka, KS - June 7-9


Iron Man - Lawrence, KS – June 8-9


OVC Championships / AA, AAA Only - Louisville, Kentucky - June 13-16


Capitol City Classic - Lincoln, NE - June 27-30


Wave the Wheat - Lawrence, KS - July 12-14


Sectionals - Columbia, MO - July 17-20


D2 - Emporia, KS - July 19-21


D1- Wichita, KS - July 26-28


14-Under Zones - Topeka, KS - Aug. 2-4


Senior Zones - Bismarck, ND