AAAA Wall Of Fame


Welcome to our Wall Of Fame!  AAAA athletes do a whole lot more than just swim; they are active in their schools and communities as well.  Read more here and don't forget to stop and congratulate our swimmers on their fantastic accomplishments.  Send your Wall of Fame material to Cassie at

January 5, 2013

David Christie-Elite

David Christie recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America.  Eagle Scouts are expected to set an example for other Scouts and to become the leaders in life that they have demonstrated themselves to be in Scouting.  Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by more than two million young men  Eagle Scouts count among their ranks one former President of the United States, over 40 astronauts, and leaders in the military, business, industry, and government. 

Eagle Scout may be earned by a Boy Scout who has been a Life Scout for at least six months, earns a minimum of 21 merit badges, and demonstrates Scout Spirit and leadership in the troop.  To be awarded the Eagle Scout rank, he had to plan, develop, and lead a community service project that demonstrated both leadership and a commitment to duty. 

David is a member of Boy Scout Troop 167 of Leavenworth, KS.


December 11,2012

David Christie- Elite

Canaan Campbell-Elite

Congrats to David and Canaan for their induction into the National Honor Society.  They join current and alumni swimmers, Miranda Rohn, Emma Reaney, and Molly Albrecht in being NHS members.  We are sure to have more swimmers inducted as Lawrence High does their induction in the spring.  Way to go!


December 11,2012

Iris Sherron- Asteroids

Iris has been preparing for the last couple of months for the Kansas Nutcracker.  She is a spice in the Kansas adaptation of the Christmas favorite The Nutcracker.  If you get a chance to watch her perform it is well worth it!  Way to go Iris!



October 11, 2012

Miranda Rohn- Elite

A big shout out to Miranda for being an AP scholar.  In order to be a AP scholar you have to receive a 3 or higher on 3 or more AP exams.  We have always know how smart Miranda is but now everyone knows!  Congrats!  Looking forward to finding out your next accomplishment!


June 12, 2012

Danny Christie-Eclipse

Danny has been busy not just swimming fast in the pool but representing his school in Math relays.  He took 1st place in the 6th grade individual category of the Kaw Valley League Math Relays that were held on May 8th.  He was a member of the Lansing Middle School 6th grade team and the 1st place represented his individual efforts.  Congrats to Danny for his fabulous effort!

June 12, 2012

Carter Stacey- Elite

Many of you know of Carter's roles in plays over the past couple of years but did you know she is going to be Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz this summer?  Carter landed the lead role for the play and will perform this weekend at the Lawrence Art Center (June 15-17th).  What an amazing accomplishment!  Break a leg, Carter!  Okay... don't really break a leg because we don't want any casts on you this summer!!  Good luck !

April 23, 2012

Miranda Rohn- Elite

So ... spring has been a great time for Miranda!  The awards and recognition are rolling in for her.  Here is a list of her most recent accomplishments:  Rensselaer Medal Award for outstanding academic achievement in mathematics and science, invite to the Chancellor's Top Scholar Reception at KU which recognizes the top sophomores and juniors of Lawrence, acceptance letter to the National Honor Society, scored a 2 with her quartet and a 1 for Chamber Orchestra at the regional music festival, then LHS scored 1s from all judges for symphonic orchestra, and finally Miranda was named a 2012 College Prep Scholar by Questbridge which means she will head to the Chicago area twice this summer, first benefit is a conference at Northwestern.  This also opens opportunities to full scholarships at partner schools. 

Woo Hoo Miranda!  Keep up the stellar work outside the pool!

April 11,2012

Canaan Campbell-Elite

Canaan was invited to attend the Chancellor's Top Scholar Award Reception at KU, which recognizes the top juniors and sophomores in Lawrence.  Congrats Canaan keep up the good work!

December 6, 2011

Smitha Ramesh


Smitha recently placed 3rd in the Kansas State Piano Competition!  She competed against pianist from all over the state.  For the competition Smitha had to play 2 pieces from memory for a total of 8 minutes.  In addition to her 3rd place finish Smitha also placed 1st in the state for Level 6 music competition.  This was competing against all ages and she achieved great scores in music theory, playing, listening and rhythm.  Congrats Smitha on such a wonderful accomplishment!!


October 9, 2011

Carter Stacey, Jon Reimer, Sarah Edmonds, Claire Campbell, Ella Spillman, Anya Wilds, Ciara Kerley 

Eclipse, Comets, and Asteroids

All these swimmers show their singing talents on October 6th in the Fall Showcase at West Middle School.  The program consisted of singing and acting.  They were all fabulous!  Congrats on a great performance!

July 16, 2011

Miranda Rohn


Once again our smart and talented swimmers are proving they are all that in AND out of the pool.  Miranda has received her scores for the AP test in Calculus ... she scored a 5 (highest score possible) on the BC test and on the AB subscore.  That is one smart swimmer!  Great job Miranda!  Sherry, you definitely have earned bragging rights.smiley

June 5, 2011

Belated congratulations to all of our very smart swimmers on your honor roll grades!  Here is an incomplete list Emma Reaney, Heather Cistola, Miranda Rohn, Gretchen Frick, Lucy Sirimongkhon-Dyck, Eliot Eckersley, Sydney Sirimongkon-Dyck, John Eakes, Canaan Campbell, Cierra Campbell, Valentina Riveria,Grace McCalla, Hannah Heatherman, Claire Campbell, Carter Stacey, Emily Venters, Elizabeth Mullins, David Christie, Danny Christie, and several more but those were the ones told to me.  In addition to being on the honor roll we had several swimmers with 4.0 GPAs!  WAY TO REPRESENT!

June 5, 2011

Danny Christie


Way to go Danny on your 1st place finish at the Chess Club Championship!  Danny won the 5th grade championship at Lansing Elementary School.  Keep up the great work!

May 7,2011

Emily Venters


Not only is Emily a great swimmer but she is also quite the runner.  Over her career at Quail Run Elementary she has set grade records in the Pacer test each year.  The Pacer test is a trimester test that combines both endurance and speed.  It is taken several times each year to moniter progress of the the children.  This year Emily not only was the fastest in the 6h grade but the fastest runner in the whole school.  She broke the school record!! Way to go Emily!

May 7, 2011

A shout out to all the swimmers and parents who attended the Lawrence Arthristis Walk on Saturday.  Great job with the facepainiting and mointering of the streets.  Thanks for showing your support to a worthy cause!!

April 22,2011

Hannah Heatherman / Grace McCalla


Hannah received a 1+ on her violin solo at the state competition last weekend!  This is the highest score you can receive. This Wednesday (April 27th) Hannah and Grace McCalla will be attending an awards banquet for being in the top 5% at their school.  Both swimmers have maintained a 4.0 GPA!!  Congrats Hannah and Grace on your achievements!

April 12, 2011

Emma Reaney (Elite)

Emma will be in several acts for LHS Showtime.  Showtime will be held April 28-30th at Lawrence High.  It is a very popular event and tends to sell out quickly.  Check the LHS website for information on tickets and performance times.  It would be a fun way to support our AAAA teammate!

April 12, 2011

Miranda Rohn (Elite)

Last weekend Miranda played violin with LHS Chamber Orchestra at the Regional Solo/Small Emsemble Festival.  The Chamber Orchestra received a rating of 1, the highest rating given.  This gives her the opportunity to compete again at the State Solo/Emsemble Festival later this month.  Congrats to Miranda!!

April 6, 2011

Miranda Rohn, Elite

Rachel Buchner, alumnae

Congrats to Miranda and Rachel on their continued strong performances in high school swimming.  Both are representing Lawrence High.  Rachel & Miranda are on a state qualifying medley relay.  Miranda also has a state cut in the 500 free and several consideration cuts for other events. 


April 6, 2011

Janet Stefanov


Janet represented Langston Hughes Elementary In the Kansas City Area Math Teachers Association Math Competition in March.  She was once again on top!  Janet placed in the top 6 in each category and won 2nd place in alegbra!  There were 54 schools from the surrounding area that competed.  And in addition to her fabulous awards, Janet will be recognized at the next Board of Education meeting which will be held April 11th at 7pm.  Congrats Janet!!


April 3,2011

Congrats to our many athletes that have gone above and beyond in the classroom!  This is the list I have thus far but I am sure there will be more added:  Emma Reaney, Kayla Hedges, Heather Cistola, Lucy Sirimongkon-Dyck, Sydney Sirimongkon-Dyck, Canaan Campbell, Gretchen Frick, Cierra Campbell, Emily Venters, Carter Stacey, David Christie, Danny Christie, Grace McCalla, Claire Campbell.


March 30, 2011

David Christie participated in the Kaw Valley Math Relays held at Basehor High School on Wednesday, March 30.  The event was a team competition with a total of eleven participating schools.  David was one of a three person team from Lansing High School.  His team took first place in the Algebra II competition.


February 24, 2011

John Eakes (Elite)  Canaan Campbell (Elite)

Congrats to John and Canaan for completing a successful high school swim season.  Both guys represented their schools (Lawrence High- John and Free State-Canaan) well.  We are glad they had fun!  Welcome back and we are excited to watch you swim at Sectionals and Division Is.


December 15, 2010

Evan Cornell


How do you spell champion?  Ask Evan... 2010 Quail Run Spelling Bee Champion!!!  He will competing in the district spelling bee.  Congrats Evan!

October 29,2010

Janet Stefanov


Janet was impressive again in her other love-MATH.  She was a team winner and placed in the National Honor Roll for grade 5 in the fall 2010 Math Contest.  The contest was held on October 14, 2010. Congrats Janet!!!


October 26, 2010

Elizabeth Mullins, Janet Stefanov, Claire Campbell

Comets, Asteroid, Asteroid

This young  Langston Hughes ladies performed in their music program which was themed "Rock -n-Roll".  It was a great night with lots of fun songs.  Good job ladies on all your hard work!

September 29, 2010

Carter Stacey


If you get a chance to check out our rising theater star, Carter, she is performing in the "Princess and the Pea"  at the Lawrence Art Center this weekend Oct. 2 & Oct. 3.  Break a leg Carter!!


September 9, 2010

Ryan Stacey & Jack Kallenberger


Quail Run has 2 of our finest on their Student Council.  Ryan and Jack were elected to represent their 4th grade classes.  Way to go Ryan & Jack!

September 9, 2010

Coach Rachel

Our coaching staff has hidden talents, Rachel will be attending a National Yoga Competition in February!  Congrats on making it to Nationals!

September 3, 2010

Canaan Campbell


Canaan Campbell was selected to West Junior High's Chorale group.  He will be performing throughout the year at various functions.  Great job Canaan!

August 12, 2010

Stephen Johnson


Breaking News....Stephen achieved his black belt!!  This actually happened in June and we have been trying to upload the exciting video of Stephen breaking the boards during his testing.   Please congratulate Stephen on this AWESOME accomplishment!!



August 12, 2010

Katie Kelter


In addition to be a great leader on our team in the Elite group, Katie is a great leader outside of the pool.  She was recently awarded the Midwest Junior Triathlete of the year.  She won 1st place at the Jr. Tri Series and was the overall winner in the Elite division this summer.  This was Katie's last triathlon series as a Jr. Triathlete.  She will be moving on to the women's division where we are confident she'll continue her success!  If you see Katie around the pool be sure to congratulate her one this wonderful accomplishment. 

PS:  She will competing September 11th in the Olathe Medical Center Women's Triathlon.  Best of Luck Katie!!


 June 22,2010

Carter Stacey


Carter has recently participated in the Summer Youth Theater.  She played "Snowy the Goose" in the play HONK!.   She is a local celebrity!  Congrats Carter!!!


June 9,2010


Been listening to the kids over the past couple of weeks and found out that we have one very smart team.  Now that grades are in the following have made the honor roll: Heather Clark (elite),  Emma Reaney (elite), Miranda Rohn (elite), John Eakes (elite), Canaan Campbell (elite), Cierra Campbell (eclipse), Valentina Riveria  (eclipse), Eliot Eckersley (eclipse), Carter Stacey (asteroid), Claire Campbell (asteroid), Grace McCalla (asteroid), Stephen Johnson (comet).

Congrats!!  Way to be leaders in school as well as in the pool.

*if there are more to be added to this list shoot me an email and I will continue to make the list grow!!

May 21, 2010

Miranda Rohn


Miranda won her first scholarship today!!!  The McDonald's and South Junior High Business/Education Partnership Scholarship is awarded each year to four South Junior High ninth graders.  This year's class was so exceptional that FIVE scholarships were awarded.  The scholarship is based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, community involvement, an essay, and a recommendation from a teacher or coach.  

(one of the other scholarships went to fellow swimmer Heather Cistola, Lawrence Aquahawks)

Way to go Miranda and Heather!!!

May 18, 2010

Maggie McCalla


Maggie has lost both her two front teeth!  Ask her to show you her toothless grin!!!  It is quite a cute sight.

May 18, 2010

Mary Reed Weston


Mary is quite the all around young lady. 

  • Honor Roll 6th grader at Schwegler
  • volunteers once a month the Humane Society

May 16,2010

John Eakes

Elite Squad

John is involved in many other activities!  Check out how John spends his time when he isn't at the pool.


  • member of the Science Olympiad Team at Central Jr. High
  • Honor roll
  • volunteers at the Humane Society
  • brown belt in Tae Kwon Doe


Janet Stefanov


Janet is quite the Math expert!  Check out some of her accomplishments below.

  • Math Kangaroo International competition - first place in the state of Kansas for grade 4
  • Math Olympiads for Elementary School (grades 4-6 together) - Silver pin
  • KCATM Math Competition-first place Mathletics team for grade 4 (3 members team for Langston Hughes School)

May 8, 2010